Why is it worth buying berries,
ground with sugar?


They taste like jam, but do better for your health

Frozen berries contain much more vitamins and minerals, than preserved ones.

Cold and sugar are natural preserving agents, which keep berries wholesome, with summer rich flavor.

It's like wholly frozen berries - but more convenient

There is no need in wasting time and efforts to make vitamin mors, pie filler or pancake sauce.

Cook your favourite dishes quick and easy!


Choose to your taste! ***


Raspberry contains vitamins A, B, C and PP, folic and salicylic acids.

That is why, it not only tastes fantastic - it can cool the fever;
helps with abdomen and kidney disorders, blood hypertension and anemia; improves women's health and beauty.



Blackberry contains acids, antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, spirits, tannins as well as micro- and macroelements: manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorus...

This berry helps keep good memory and eyesight, lessens cold sick condition, improves cardiovascular and digestive systems.

Black Currant

Black currant has high level of vitamin C, which speeds up recovery process and makes your bones, teeth and skin healthier. It also has carotin, vitamin B complex, minerals, organic acids, flavonoids and glycosides.

Black currant is very helpful in
case of mental and physical overwork.



This berry is second to none, when it comes to a level of nutrients: vitamins (C, K, PP, B1, B2), sugars, organic acids, micro- and macroelements, phytoncids and bioflavonoids.

Cranberry is usually recommended to improve immunity and prevent cold, anemia and vitamin deficiency.
It has a tonic effect and enhances work efficiency.


Sandthorn contains more vitamin C than it
can be found in currant and lemon.
It also has a complete B vitamin complex.

Due to bioflavonoids, sandthorn is a
powerful natural antioxidant,
and carotenoids improve immunity and eyesight.



Lingonberry is reasonable called an immortality berry, for it has vitamins A, B1, B2, B9, PP, C, E, organic acids, mono- and disaccharides, iron and manganese.

Lingonberry is used
as antipyretic and antiviral agent to fight cold and influenza; in case of kidney disease, poor appetite
or performance decrease.


Ukrainians always praise viburnum in songs and use it as a talisman and medicine. Viburnum berries do have some healing power. They contain vitamins A, P, E, C as well as minerals, pectin substances and bioflavonoids.

Viburnum berries help fight colds and, due to invert sugar content, they keep your youth and beauty for a long time.


Add some vitamins! ***


refreshing mors

refreshing mors

  • chilled boiled water
  • frozen cranberry, ground with sugar

berry flan

berry flan

  • shortcrust pastry
  • frozen currant, ground with sugar

winter drink

cold-relief winter drink

  • favourite tea
  • frozen sandthorn, ground with sugar

tasty and wholesome dessert

tasty and wholesome dessert

  • sweet pancakes
  • frozen lingonberry, ground with sugar

breakfast that warms your heart

breakfast that warms your heart

  • oatmeal with milk
  • frozen raspberry, ground with sugar

express tasty treat for hurriers

express tasty treat for hurriers

  • frozen blackberry, ground with sugar
  • lactic cheese

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